New Homes

Building a new home can be a complicated and daunting process. There are seemingly limitless forms to fill out, applications to submit, plans to draw up and a hundred other choices to make. This often becomes the source of some conflict and distress for some clients. However, nothing gives us more satisfaction than being able to allay fears and concerns by providing clients with the choices, knowledge and options they need to achieve their dream home. This is what we do best. We know our stuff and we love to apply it. We are happy to be able to guide our clients through the difficult and sometimes overwhelming stages of construction. 

These stages are:

Purchase – When purchasing your building package, setting up finances and the like there are several essential and crucial steps that need to be taken care of. We will always do a site inspection to see whether or not your carefully selected design is suitable for the land you have chosen. We will determine drainage, water, power, sewer and environmental impact. Before work can begin, the council in your area must approve the plans you have submitted. Because of our familiarity with the types of regulations required in the area, we are well equipped to advise you of any special considerations you may need to be aware of. It is at this stage that pertinent Council departments may also need to be advised of your proposal.

Before Build:
Before construction begins one of our dedicated sales staff will sit down with you and discuss in detail:
  1. Your Vision with all its personal details and options
  2. Your Budget to ensure you get the most for your financial input
  3. Your blueprints and plans to see if you've been apprised of all your alternatives and inclusions
  4. Your Schedule so that we can do our best to meet these goals for you
Construction – At every level of construction we guarantee that you will always have access to the qualified professional builder who is overseeing your project. The build will progress in stages and your valued input is welcomed at any time.

During Build:
We encourage all of our building staff to consult with clients at all times so that potential set-backs and problems can be avoided. if changes need to be made along the way, then open communication is what we recommend and encourage. Our aim at all times, is to keep our clients happy and on track towards achieving their dream results.

Completion – We are extremely proud of the work we undertake and ensure that every aspect of the build is completed to our high and exacting standards. Warranties and guarantees are applicable to your project according to the terms discussed with us.

After Build:
We are Number One in the region because we listen. This means we are able to deliver the results our clients have been dreaming of and working with us to achieve. When we hand over the keys we delight in being able to hand over the excellent result you have been anticipating.

We delight in the happy completion of a build and will complete a whole inspection with you, explain warranties and guarantees and ensure that you are totally satisfied.

As time progresses, so too, do our dreams and our capabilities. What started out as a humble first home has given way to the stunning big house that surrounds a loving family, relations, friends, hobbies and projects. We realise that your dream can also take you in different directions and what was wonderful for you ten years ago, may not be so comfortable now. 

McPhersons Building specialises in the small addition, the make-over, the demolish and re-build and the updated life-style changes. Working with our design specialists and expert builders, we are confident that we are able to bring your plans into an enjoyable and happy reality. Simply call us for a consultation and site visit.

Every small business needs to have their surrounds suit their business needs. If you are being prevented from achieving your goals because of obsolete architectural hindrances, then we are happy to help. We are also more than willing to advise on the current energy efficiency of your property and how to improve it. When you're happy, so are we.

We dedicate our business to ensuring your needs are heard, understood and subsequently turned into reality.
We rely on a strong client-builder relationship to ensure your vision is always uppermost in our attention and encourage consultation at every stage of the build process.